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wifiFarm LogoOnly On Sight has the the PowerTrak 24/7 System.  The PowerTrak 24/7  has all the features to protect your farm.  Our system includes Entry Detection, Motion Tracking Camera, High Definition Resolution, 20 X Optical Zoom, Wireless Connectivity, Remote Access, Health Monitoring and a 5 Year Warranty.  We can extend the system to remote areas with cellular internet and solar power. Contact Brian Price 1-800-295-7081 for more details on how this solution can be used on your farm.

No company has installed more wireless equipment on farms than On Sight.  Professional equipment, personnel and results.  We now offer our equipment for those who want to install our on their farm.  Contact On Sight for a free wireless site evaluation and quote for your farm.

WIFI FARM products allow you to access your internet connection from all your work areas.  No more week signals from the farm.


On Sight WIFI Farm Product Benefits

On Sight wireless equipment can be used to connect all the different areas of your farm onto a single network.    From machine sheds to technology enabled grain dryers.  You can even connect your iphone and smartphones to save on data charges.

Share your internet connection from your house to all the work areas on your farm.  Don’t rely on a weak wifi signal, get a powerful On Sight WIFI FARM signal.