• Keep track of who is coming and going from your farm

  • Pull up your cameras on your phone while you are in town picking up parts or in the field.

  • Keep 30 days of video so you have plenty of time to catch any items that might come up missing.


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Custom Solutions

On Sight farm security camera systems are custom to your needs.  No two farms are alike and the assets that are spread about your farm are at risk.  From hand tools in a machinery shed, to grain stored in grain bins, an On Sight custom solution can be installed to monitor and protect your assets no matter where they are located.  Bullet cameras, dome cameras and PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) cameras are available.  Knowing what camera to be used placed where it has the most effectiveness is our specialty.

Our process starts with site review of your farm.  The result of the review is a security and camera assessment of your assets and farm security camera needs.

Protecting your farm assets with our our most popular and farm security camera solution.

Only On Sight has the PowerTrak 360

The PowerTrak 360 camera has the capability to acquire and track moving objects as they enter the farm. Protect your farm assets with our our most popular and farm security camera solution.  The PowerTrak 360 is mounted in a location that can access the main entry to your farm.  When a object travel through the capture zone, the camera will follow as long as there is motion.  If the motion stops, the camera will go back to the original home place.

Protecting Your Farm

Protecting your farm is a lot easier with an On Sight 24/7 farm yard security camera system.  Our systems are designed to protect the assets that are spread across your farm or multiple farms.  Farms have many expensive assets spread all about the yard and out buildings.  Protecting such a wide area of assets is very difficult and could be very expensive. The On Sight approach to farm security is to work with producers to prioritize the assets and locations and to asses the risk to those assets.

Our other approach to camera selection is to do the most with as few cameras as possible.  On Sight has many cameras model and wireless systems that can be custom built for your specific needs.

Multiple Farm Sites

On Sight farm security cameras can be connected via our wireless networking  From multiple sites on a sigle farm to multiple sites on multiple farms.  On Sight farm security camera systems can be designed to get cameras where they are needed.

Our farms security cameras have advanced features that get the job done right.  From 360 degree cameras that can patrol, infrared cameras that can see in the dark.  Our camera systems can catch and record the information needed to assist law enforcement with an investigation.

Our software was designed to make watching live and viewing recording very easy.  All video is time stamped and can be played back as a single camera or viewed as a series of cameras in a synchronized playback.  This makes putting the pieces together very easy for crimes and activities that have occurred across multiple cameras and sites.

On Sight access to recorded video is very easy.  If a portion of video required, the archived video can be saved on the hard disk, or it can be put onto a memory stick.  No special software is required for viewing by law enforcement.